edit is a landscape architecture and urbanism studio based in Oslo, led by Linn Runeson &Eric Reid.

We are engaged in a variety of projects ranging from the planning and design of gardens and public spaces, to larger scale masterplans and territorial strategies. We often collaborate with architectural offices, engineers, artists and researchers among other specialist on complex urban landscapes, and transformations.

At the heart of our practice is a profound desire to render landscape as an essential part of making meaningful and sustainable habitats for all living kind.

Current Collaborators:

Marianne Bergan Engebretsen
Janina Sanchez
Vaar Bothner

Past Collaborators:

Gauthier Durey
Runa Hermansen
Miguel Hernandez
Ragnhild Pedersen Foss
Laura Toledo Martin
İlayda Keskinaslan
Kaveh Kawousi
Ilse Svortevik Hviding
Helene Hoel Oppegaard
Nelly Melberg