Thereses Gate 31

Thereses gate 31 is a pilot project for densification and transformation of a historic facility worth of protectin in the city of Oslo. It is a plastered brick building from 1878. Orginally a warehouse and workers housing for Conrad Langaards Tobacco factory. Tuvalu and WWM architects are densifying the existing area with around 20 apartments and designed in a way to respect and works with the historic factory buildings. They will build behind and between the existing structures like trees in a forest.

Thereses Gate 31
Client: Oslo House AS
Status: Delivered
Size: 4 400 m2
Location: Oslo, Norway
Type: Preproject
Collaborators: Tuvalu Arkitekter, WWM Architects Consultants: DIFK, WSP

We have been commissioned to design and plan the landscape, as well as to develop a vision for the block. We are not only responsible for the design, but also for creating a good dialogue with the neighbouring apartment buildings. The narrative of the site, and the transition between old factory building and new living quarters, as well the transition from the public commercial street to the living quarters near Stensparken become very important. We have high ambitions with regards to water management, material re-use, and the overall atmosphere and liveability of the landscape

View from Stensparken

The site is placed in between steep terrain on the east side of Stensparken and the public street Thereses gate. Within the block it is surrounded by nineteenth century apartments buildings that together create a complex and interesting situation with pockets of backyards and secret gardens.

Site photos
Working model


The landscape in Therese's gate 31 has been designed with the aim of creating interaction between the place physical and historical context. On a city scale, it's here the green meets the urban: From the west manifests nature itself in a series of green spaces that culminate in Stensparken, and filtered through the plot in meeting with the urban landscape of Therese gates to the east. Spring intention is to create a balance between the historical the quarter, the new architecture, the nature of the area and the local community. This is achieved through a series strategic landscape architectural interventions.

Project team: Eric Reid, Linn Runeson, Miguel Hernández Quintanilla, Kaveh Kawousi, Ilayda Keskinaslan

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