"Oslo Kunstløype is a project sponsored by DNB Sparebankstiftelsen. The project will work towards developing an art walk through the city. Oslo Art Walk aims to tie together the many art institutions in Oslo, and make them more accessible, diverse and engaging through the inclusion of the city’s youth.

Client: KiK (Kunst i kvadraturen), DNB Sparebankstiftelsen
Status: Completed
Size: 4 km
Location: Oslo, Norway
Type: Possibility study, Art, Culture, Communication, Urbanism
Collaborators: KIK (kunst i kvadraturen), Heydays


"Oslo Kunstløype is a project sponsored by DNB Sparebankstiftelsen. The project will work towards developing an art walk through the city.

OKL: UNG's goal is to create an art walk through Oslo. Through the eyes of young people should galleries and art institutions are made available
for young people.

We at OKL: UNG are currently working directly with several youth groups between 16-18 years from different schools and areas in Oslo.

OKL: UNG works directly with youth groups in the age group 16 to18 years, by being active participants in each phase of the project. Through various workshops and on Instagram have they answered the question: Howwould Oslo Kunstløype look like if theyoung people got to decide? Based on their feedback suggests OKL: UNG measures such as signage and a platform such as galleries can take advantage of to stay more visible and inclusive for young people in Oslo.

Through universal and inclusive design the project tries to inspire young people to take ownership and feel included in both Oslo's art scene and the public places they use daily.

Phase 1 Mapping: The purpose of the survey is to form a picture of the art and activity offers along the Oslo Art Trail, and on a larger city scale. It also addresses movement patterns and activity along the trail, with a focus on public transportation, and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists.

The urban spaces along the trail have been analyzed with regard to accommodation, activity, attractive outdoor areas and traffic. The survey sheds light on qualities and challenges in the various areas the art trail runs through: Tjuvholmen, the National Museum, City Hall, Kvadraturen, Bjørvika and Ekebergparken.

Collages created by the youth in a digital workshop
Instagram takeovers on OKL:UNG instagram channel: OKL_UNG

Phase 1.2: Participation: To include Oslo's social context meant to include young people in the process of shaping OKL: UNG despite coronary restrictions. This workshop shows the strength and resilience of the project through difficult times.

Physical Workshop - Identity and creation based on findings from earlier phases

Phase 2 of the project concludes with ideas for signage, a website and a physical map. Therefore, it was important to include the young people's voices, get their feedback and make them feel proud and ownership of the material that will later be distributed to galleries across Oslo.

OKL:UNG logo and visual identity

phase: 3 Implementation, Through analysis, participation, instagram takeovers and conslusions made by the team together with the youth, we created a visual identity and a simple homepage: www.OKLUNG.no

Currently we are working on getting more funding for the phase 4.

Oslo Art Walk Young engage 16-18 years old and investigates through a collaborative process open up questions to how to create synergies between art, activities in public spaces, infrastructure and greenery and more inclusive and coherent cityscape for the youth. The art walk runs from Tjuvholmen, through Kvadraturen and Bjørvika, all the way up to Ekebergparken. It runs parallel to Oslos waterfront, and aims to strengthen the city’s connection to the harbour. Are you aged between 16 to 18, and interested in participating in the project? Contact us: hello@edit.land

Project team: Linn Runeson, Eric Reid, Runa Hermansen, Nelly Mellberg, Laura Toledo Martin, Ilayda Keskinaslan

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