Nye Broverkstedet

Nye broverkstedet is centrally situated in the Vulkan complex in the Grünerløkka neighbourhood of Oslo. The historically industrial river Akerselva, frames the site as it's most visible landscape feature. The site has housed many different programs in the past, and has gone from factories and industry to culture, education and sports. The project now seeks to open up the site for the public, and bring Akerselva into the urban sphere. The existing programs of sports and education will be kept, and housing will be added.

Nye Broverkstedet
Client: Aspelin Ramm AS
Status: Ongoing
Size: 5 000 m2
Location: Oslo, Norway
Type: Urbanism, Riverscape, Roof gardens
Collaborators: Rodeo Arkitekter

The history of the site gives us the foundation to approach the design task within the lense of landscape and water.

from left to right: 1/2 - Nedre Foss ca 1880, Foto O.Væring, utsnitt Bymuseet 3-Nedre Foss.Foto: Ole Tobias Olsen  4-Vulkan, Akerselva, Nedre foss malt av Edvard Munch, 1882

Vulkan , located in between various waterways, has problems with storm and river floods. The site requires research driven design work within the logic of the landscape.

The most important task is to find out where the water comes from and design creative and unique solutions to slow down, filter, rinse and redirect it to safe floodways. 

The site is an important piece of the puzzle in the big Akerselva riverpark. The introverted riverfront on the site is today houses generic programming, with a large concrete wall creating a barrier between the city and the river.

the site through the seasons- designing for use year-round
The goal is not to create a ready-to-use beautiful garden, but rather to create a solid framework that facilitates a regenerative system and foundation for the river landscape to re-establish and thrive in the future.
It is about creating habitats that will sustain themselves, where humans are a co-habitant and play an active role in the management and preservation of the landscape.

Our vision is for the Nye Broverkstedet to offer a different experience with the river, and become a unique part of the Akerselva riverpark.

The site has many layers, each one gives a unique glimpse into the history of the landscape, and the cultural modifications that have been done to fit the needs of the time. Understanding these layers and the different roles the landscape has played in the past is of critical when shaping it for the future.

Project team: Eric Reid, Linn Runeson, Runa Oline Hermansen, Janina Sánchez Cárdenas

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