Unplanned sprawl and infrastructure creates a complex weave of bridges, malls, a massive indoor ski facility, and regular flood occurrences in and around the Lørenskog train station. How can the station become a tool to reconnect the city with its station and with its surrounding nature?

Client: Lørenskog kommune
Status: Completed
Size: 300 000 m2
Lørenskog, Norway
Type: Parallel Assignment, Mixed use / Urban planning / Parallel commission
Collaborator: Tin Consultants: TØI, Transolar, KOI Farge studio

Recapture Lørenskogs valley!

The Lørenskog station area can be characterized at the intersection of different areas, potentials and challenges. On the one hand, it is a place with ambitions for a local center, urban station area and winter tourism, at the same time also divided by infrastructure, floods and surface water challenges, and one-sided business composition. In this proposal, we present how a landscape and urbanism strategy as a whole connects the station area urban, culturally and professionally and how a scenic landscape can function as a magnet for new industries.

Rethinking the valley

Urban strategy

Finding potential in the valley

Lørenskog is located in a valley, where the station area has long been the center of Lørenskog, until the city expanded and was divided into enclaves by the infrastructure. We propose to recapture this valley for social and urban purposes. This approach considers the station as a living system where both large and small measures will help to connect the station area to the rest of the city. We do this through new forms of mobility, transforming Lørenskogveien into a lively park throughout the year, with recreational opportunities that use the landscape for play, increased public health, urban ecosystems, and adaptable to floods and surface water. At the same time, we will reintroduce production as part of urban logic, high-production urban farming, and low-threshold garden cities. We consider this a softer system for the Lørenskog of the future. Welcome to Marka til marka!


Station landscape ecosystem

Station clusters which promotes synergy!

The station area is today mono-functional and just a place for getting on and off, with a great potential to give back to the public urban space. We propose programmatic clusters to strengthen the station area as a meeting place across the train tracks with high-quality indoor and outdoor spaces for those who work and / or live there, and passers-by. In the future vision for Lørenskog station, people will consider the station as a safe place to be and where life can be enjoyed. Immediate proximity to various services is considered critical, which opens up good opportunities around urban mix and sharing. The design proposal sees the station area as anything but monotonous, namely a lively platform as part of the city floor. The platform includes building volumes that house co-working spaces, workshop / makerspace, dining hall, sports facilities, co-living, greenhouse, mobility hub combined with cafe and various cultural services and other smart programs that encourage more sharing. Emphasis is also placed on climate, environment and mobility towards increased comfort and people's life at the station.

New station platform
Station Area

A Common Vision - for collective urban nature!

The amount of programs around the station area is not only about responding to a breadth of consumers, target groups and needs, but also how different areas can be programmatically linked to a holistic urban diversity. Our program proposal highlights the added value of some selected programs, by being placed in close proximity to each other, such as. coworking spaces in relation to workshop / makerspace for production and social meeting place, or family homes close to recreational areas. Furthermore, we facilitate unforeseen synergies between everyday life, working life, tourism, and recreational opportunities. Can work ethic be strengthened by direct access to sports fields, or can families with young children increase general public health in homes for the elderly? We arrange for the city floor to be activated by a number of different related and unrelated programs and dynamic changes, and for them to live their own lives!

The station park

"Man made infrastructure and nature that has blocked Lørenskogs natural water collection points. Lørenskog municiplaity can be restored through carefully welcoming the living layers into the planning process" Lørenskog municipality has a unique possibility to find true identity in the living landscape! "- edit

Project team: Eric Reid, Linn Runeson, Gauthier Durey

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