A park with a roof! The project is ambitious with regards to the environment and solutions for energy supply, and has the opportunity to become Nordmøre's precedent in environmentally friendly construction, and a learning arena for both local craftsmen and for inspiration to others. The proposal highlights the importance of sustainability, flexibility, inclusiveness, centrality, social activation, shelter, and identity. Liabøparken is transformed to Liabøsentralen - here when the lights are on, people are home!

Client: Heim kommune
Status: 1st prize, Ongoing
Size: 5 000 m2
Location: Liabøen, Norway
Type: Open Competition, Culture / Mixed use
Collaboratros: Benjamin Alstrup Velure, Phoebe Chu, Francis Brekke(Oslo Works)


Liabøsentralen will be a sustainable, flexible, inclusive, social, and living landmark for everyone!
Liabøsentralen will be the CITY's HEART, an attractive screen place with different climate zones all year round, which invites all teams of the population to reside there and create a clear CENTRAL FEELING. Liabøsentralen is designed as one MEETING PLACE for both Liabøen's residents and visitors. Different climate zones in an outdoor and indoor concept that can be used all year round around forms a layer-on-layer principle that is equally FLEXIBLE such as woolen clothes and shell jackets on a trip. Liabøen needs a place where different activities & meetings for all ages can be accommodated under the same roof. With flexible rooms and floor plans, the same can happen the building is used for many activities all year round and around the clock.


From the jury — The situation plan shows in a convincing way how the project can strengthen the city center, in that it becomes a natural place to go through, at the same time as it becomes a place to seek out and be. The project is ambitious and has the opportunity to become Nordmøre lighthouse in environmentally friendly construction, and a learning arena both for local craftsmen and for inspiration for others.

Project team: Linn Runeson, Eric Reid, Gauthier Durey

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