Forest of King(s)

How can temporary public spaces provide permanent knowledge, comfortable climates, and ecological engagement?

Forest of King(s)
Client: The City of Toronto
Status: Winner, Completed
Location: Toronto, Canada
Type: Open Competition

The ‘Everyone is King’ Design Build Competition is an opportunity to be part of and contribute to the rethinking of King Street, as a hub for urban afforestation!

The City of Toronto has an initiative to increase the urban tree canopy, and promotes the use of native tree species. We propose to create a public space that can simply engage citizens with this initiative. If we want to increase awareness about the cities ecological needs, then what better way than through the creation of a tactical / tactile environment?

We propose the creation of an augmented urban forest. The forest consists of a grid of native tree species and seating. People will be able to use the space to take a seat, cool off in the shade on a hot summers day, enjoy the seasonal colours, and learn about the ecological benefits of native vegetation. #forestofkings

Project team: Eric Reid, Linn Runeson, Gauthier Durey

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