Coastal village of the future #fillanhavetshjerte

The future tidal city that improves the contact between the sea, industry, nature, and the people who live along the coast.

Coastal village of the future #fillanhavetshjerte
Client: Hitra Kommune
Status: Completed, Honourable mention (purchased)
Size: 50 000 m2
Location: Fillan, Hitra Kommune
Type: Open Competition

Norway has the world's second longest coastline and controls six times as much sea as water. Despite this, we are unusually poor at utilizing what is below and under the surface and adapting to climate change.

Strategic vision

Vikan is the perfect place to develop a futuristic pilot project for coastal cities in Norway and we would suggest that Vikan be the first climate-adaptable friendly coastal city in Norway that makes other cities come to Fillan to learn. Here we envision a climate-clear, lively neighborhood that hosts life and builds on the traditional culture. This means infrastructure that is universally accessible and biologically habitable, new programs that compliment the old and that accommodate the seasons, comfortable microclimatic meeting places for public events or smaller gatherings, high quality architecture that is unique and complementary to the vikan landscape, an idea to share so that the community gets a whole. From this local and contextual point of view, we believe that vikan will thrive in synergy with the rest of Fillan and Hitra municipality, and will be an attractive place for residents all year round and seasonal tourists.


The heart of the sea is a strategic vision for the future coastal town at Vikan, which uses 3 simple but powerful principles:

1 increase biodiversity so that Fillan can be a place that hosts life not only for humans but for all living beings; flora, fauna, fungi, and so on.
2 to make an inclusive community accessible to all and which incorporates what exists in Fillan and Hitra municipality, we discuss the idea of ​​inclusion as not only making the physical accessible to all, but also an idea of ​​creating a meaningful environment that builds tradition and culture - "A taste of the territory."
3 create an active place in Fillan, to do this this means that Vikan must be a place that increases the existing qualities and activities Fillan has to offer. The new programs must compliment the existing in a positive way, and connect to them to thrive.


To shape the future coastal city, one must start with the landscape and public space; create good common areas such as, squares, promenade, coastal path, new bike path and pedestrian connection to the center, tidal amphitheater, beach, marina and preservation of the former island. From here, complementary programs to the existing ones in Fillan are proposed; a landscape hotel and spa, parking, nature rooms, small coastal buildings that can be for various programs such as, restaurants, studios, shops, a cold bath house and new residential area in the form of townhouses along the edge of the promenade and the island.

Coastal path
Nature room
New living quarter
Access the fjord

Our proposal builds on the long history and the future that is tied to the ocean in Hitra. Fillan is the municipality center. The existing coastal museum placed in Fillan are telling locals and visitors this history and offers trips on the ocean to educate about the past and the future within the aquaculture industry. The placement of today's Coastal Museum is quite far from the coast. We propose to keep the history and the past within the fishing industry at today's Coastal Museum, but we advise the municipality to move the future program in the coastal museum industry down to Vikan.  We recommend building a nature room (Norway´s First) and will be connected to Fillan's coastal path in addition to the new predecessor connections to the city center. The new building of a natur rom will be built as a climate house to show locals and visitors the future way of adapting to climate changes and the future within aquaculture driven industries will create a powerful program on Vikan that will teach people; most importantly by the youth, about the blue identity of the entire municipality of Hitra, its nature, the maritime industry, and will serve as a platform for discussions about the future. Most importantly, this will play an important role in building the identity and pride of the city, as well as acting as a tool to showcase the coastal city of the future for the entire country of Norway and possibly the world. We believe this will connect the locals with their true past and future and easier introduce new people into the city.

Collage of the future coastal village

Naturom is a centre for visitors to a specific nature area. It is a business with activities, not just a building and exhibition. Natural spaces will give the visitor knowledge about nature and its values. The visit should also be a source of inspiration to go out and discover more. A nature room must function as an entrance to nature in general and a specific nature area in particular. nature rooms should be a fun place to visit and a rich source of knowledge for the visitor. But a visit to a nature room should not replace the visit to nature.

Jury: The project #fillanhavetshjerte showed a good understanding and approach to the task in an overall strategic level, and the ability with a holistic view to put both the site and the project area in relation to each other, the surrounding area and global themes and challenges related to sustainability, the environment and diversity. Based on its holistic approach, strategic thinking and overall gaze are given to the project the jury's honourable mention.

Project team: Eric Reid, Linn Runeson, Miguel Hernandez Quintanilla, Runa Oline Hermansen

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