About us.

edit is a landscape architecture and urbanism studio based in Oslo, Norway. The studio was founded in 2018, and is engaged in a variety of projects ranging from the planning and design of gardens and public spaces, to larger scale territorial strategies.
We often collaborate with architectural offices, engineers, and researchers on complex urban projects and strive to be excellent collaborators to create long lasting working relationships.

Our role is not to make nature, but to design landscapes that integrate living systems.  

We do this through our design process: 
explore, develop, imagine, and team-up.

explore the context and examine the spatial potentials in relation to the narrative of the project.
develop strategies for the best design value, combining resources and functions for synergies.
imagine and integrate fun and playfulness into the process - no reason for our living environments to be boring!
team-up with experts from other disciplines, and communities; the greatest results come from working laterally.
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Landscape design

We offer full service landscape design services and work with a variety of media for each project. We often work between physical and digital models, onsite testing, and engagement through workshops.


Transformation can be the design of an existing courtyard, or masterplanning of a large neighbourhood or industrial area. For us the hidden layers of the landscape often act as a starting point for the new narrative of a project - the logic is in the landscape. We are currently working on several transformation sites within complex urban developments that have significant historical value, and truly enjoy practicing within these environments.


Our cities are a collective landscape project. We thrive in re-thinking the urban landscapes as living systems and are often invited to work on large scale planning commissions and competitions to find hidden logics and identity underlying the site.


We keep climate change and sustainability in focus in all of our projects, and work with experts within water management, ecology, and mobility to maximise the potential of every project.
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