Possibility study for Campus Øst -NMBU

Possibility study for Campus Øst -NMBU

edit has together with Oslo.Works , Natural State been chosen as one of two teams to make a possibility study for Campus east at the Norwegian university of life sciences (NMBU).

Consultants: Utstillingsplassen Eiendom, Professor Aksel Tjora, Associate Professor Gro Rødne 

The worlds most attractive and sustainable campus!

We are very happy to be part of such an interesting possibility study and to collaborate with our team. We look forward to creating a rich proposal that grounds the living layers of the campus into a robust plan for the future.

Through the feasibility study, NMBU and Ås municipality want to investigate the development possibilities of NMBU's Campus. The feasibility studies will form a framework for inviting businesses, partners and NMBU's own departments into the process. In addition to this it will shed light on how NMBU´s goal of becoming one of the world's most attractive and sustainable campuses can be achieved.

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