How can Vulkan become a sponge?

Historical map from 1860, Oslo Byarkiv

How can Vulkan become a sponge?

edit and multiconsult and Aspelin Ramm will conduct a study to develop a storm water strategy for the neighbourhood of Vulkan. In addition to this we will be looking into how more space for the akerselva (river) can benefit the ecology of the area and potentially improve the flood situation.

From hard to soft, a strategy for the neighbourhood and a pilot for the city.

The Vulkan area is close to the Akerselva, and with this comes the presence of water and floods. We aim to develop a robust strategy for the area, which will integrate water in the neighbourhood, and make the water a positive element rather than a problem. With the surface water strategy, we want to develop a climate adaptable landscape that can bring joy to people, be engaging and educational about water, and beneficial for the site's biodiversity and ecology.

The report will include an analysis of existing conditions; flood routes, flood mapping, account of future consequences of climate change, mapping of existing technical infrastructure, and assessment of existing biological diversity along the riverbank. Good data basically will inform the choice of proposed measures and solutions. Proposed measures will also be simulated, adapted and processed through the material from the analysis phase. The focus will be on nature-based solutions to handle large amounts of precipitation, reduce the potential for damage during floods and at the same time invite the water in and integrate it as part of Vulkan's future identity.

The study is a pilot for Aspelin Ramm, with the aim of creating a method and a framework for planning city floors and neighbourhoods with water as one of several important starting points. A good understanding of the water problem will (regardless of the solutions outlined at Vulkan) also provide valuable insight into the area as a whole. This provides predictability for operation and maintenance, and the opportunity to think long-term and create functional solutions.

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