Jury Europan 16 - living cities

Linn Runeson to sit on jury of europan 16 Norway - living cities

Europan 16 is the most recent session of Europan. The four Norwegian sites were among the most popular sites in all of Europe, and the level of the entiries were very high.

An important competition for young architects

We in edit have won europan sweden 15 for the city of Borås and believe that this was an important milestone for the development of the office.

Europan allows for emerging practices to gain confidence as well as potential connections for further work. However, it more importantly should be used as a testing ground for a practices modus operandi. What do you stand for? How do you practice? All of these questions can be manifested in an europan proposal. It is not necessarily about winning but about developing oneself and practice forward. Read more on http://europan.no/

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