Small, Medium, Large — Winning strategy for Origo Tunga, Trondheim

edit and Oslo Works won the invited parallel commission Origo Tunga, Trondheim

Origo Tunga plays an important role in the industrial history of Trondheim and the relation to E6. Industry has been an important factor of the growth and placement of cities. Its been a long tradition of moving heavy industries and production away from the cities. We believe heave industry play an important role for identity of a space can be interweaved and can play an important role for an neighbourhood.

Small, Medium, Large

"Origo Tunga" means a completely new type of city there as well space-intensive industry contributes to social sustainability.

The driving force / the engine is the existing large structures on Tungasletta, but with a new organization of the logistics so that it becomes a new one and clear hierarchy within the area. Space-intensive industry must have their logical place here, but by differentiating the areas will we get a better flow for both heavy transport, passenger cars and those soft road users, and not least facilitate a lot more sustainable "last mile delivery" from this logistics hub and further around the city.

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